Do you only do sports injuries?

No. Although “sports” is in our name, and comprises of a large chunk of the work that we perform, we also regularly assess and treat musculoskeletal ‘non-sport’ injuries. They may have happened in the workplace, through overuse or trauma, or perhaps through a simple accident such as a fall.

Do I need a referral to see an Orthopaedic surgeon?

Yes, a referral from your general practitioner or another specialist is required for you to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon if you wish to receive the Medicare rebate for a specialist consultation.

What about a Sports Physician? Do I need a referral to see them?

Sports Physicians are now recognised by Medicare Australia as specialists. While you are still able to see a sports physician without a referral, a higher medicare rebate is available to those who provide a doctors referral at their appointment.

OK, so I’ve gone and got myself injured. How do I arrange an appointment?

To arrange an appointment, call our office on (02) 8382 6969 or you’re welcome to send us an email at sportsmed@stvincents.com.au

And how long will it take?

Initial consultations are usually 30 minutes. Follow up consultations are usually 15 minutes. Please let us know if you feel extra time will be required so time can be allocated appropriately.

Where are you located?

St Vincent’s SportsMed is centrally located in Darlinghurst, Sydney, within the St Vincent’s Clinic, which is part of a larger campus comprising St Vincent’s Day Surgery Unit, Private Hospital, and Public Hospital. For address and parking details, click here.

Where does Dr Tan operate?

When he’s not at St Vincent’s SportsMed, you’ll find him operating at St Vincent’s Clinic Day Surgery Unit, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, St Vincent’s Public Hospital, and St Lukes Private Hospital.

Where does Dr Kuo operate?

Dr Kuo consults at St Vincent SportsMed. He also operates at St Vincent’s Clinic Day surgery Unit, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Nepean Public Hospital and Nepean Private Hospital.

How much does a consultation cost?

At the time of booking your appointment, our reception staff will let you know the price of the consultation. This may vary upon whether you are a new patient or whether you are coming back for review. We will also let you know the rebate you can expect from Medicare for your consultation.

Do I need to have x-rays before my appointment?

If you are coming to see one of one Orthopaedic Surgeons, in most cases x-rays will be an integral part of your assessment. At the time of booking an appointment, we will let you know whether you will require x-rays, and will be happy to arrange them for you if needed. If you have already had x-rays or scans, please bring them along to your appointment.

What should I wear?

Good question. The most important thing is to wear something that allows the body part you are having trouble with to be examined appropriately. For example, if you have a problem with your knee, bring some shorts to change into. If it’s a shoulder problem, wear something which is easy to remove. For women, when having your shoulder examined, please wear a singlet or camisole underneath to allow the doctors to view your shoulder.

NOTE: For compartment pressure testing, you will need to wear shorts and bring a pair of running shoes and a towel.

If I need surgery, how long will I need to stay in hospital?

Your length of stay in hospital will naturally vary depending on the operation required. While many procedures are day surgery only, some may require you to stay in hospital overnight or longer. This will be discussed during your consultation.

If I need surgery, how long will I have to wait?

Dr Tan and Dr Kuo have scheduled operating lists at St Vincent’s Clinic Day Surgery Unit and St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Depending on the surgery required, a suitable time will be discussed with you. And never fear; should your surgery be urgent, we will always find an appropriate operating time for you.

How much does surgery cost?

The cost of surgery depends on the type of surgery you are having and will be discussed with you prior to the operation. All patients requiring surgery are given a full explanation of the costs involved prior to surgery as well as an information pack outlining their pre operative and post operative care instructions.

Do you work with any sports teams or professional athletes?

We sure do. We have provided past or ongoing medical support to the WNBL Australian Women’s National Basketball League, Australian Handball Team, AHL – Australian National Hockey League, Australian Premier Soccer League, professional ballet dancers and performers, professional mountaineers, and schoolboys rugby team members.

Dr Bathgate is currently Team Doctor for the Super 14 ACT Brumbies rugby team, Match Doctor for the NSW Waratahs rugby team, Team Doctor for the Australian Under 21 rugby union team, Team Doctor for the Australian Seven’s rugby union team, Club Doctor at East’s Rugby Union Club, and Sports Physician at NSW Academy of Sport to tennis and sailing.

Dr Burne is the current (and long serving) Team Doctor for the Australian women’s basketball team, the Opals, as well as Team Doctor for the Wests Tigers NRL rugby league club.

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